Why should you upgrade to McAfee ePO 5.3?

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 5.3 is considered to be the foremost when it comes to security management software for business or enterprises. Other than it is expandable and adaptable, and makes compliance management simple and easy for all the organization depending on their size to adopt it.


McAfee activate has provided the corporate users to make their enterprise infrastructure security as well as increase the clarity and control over their device to cloud. It is a single solution to all the security purposes. The users like McAfee ePO’s feasibility of automation ability to assign the workflows through which it reduces the cost and the intricacy of the security.

Here, in this article know about the reason to upgrade to McAfee ePO 5.3, check the list as given below-

  1. Improves in disaster recovery

The whole McAfee ePO works are based from the server and through it you can backup and as reset the settings, choices, and transfer the files with much ease.

In case, McAfee ePO server got crash then simply recover the settings from the snapshot archive. Moreover, to recover the disaster, you can use the snapshot to-

  • Replace the McAfee ePO with the upgraded version of ePO, if it didn’t turn out to be useful.
  • Update your McAfee ePO server hardware.
  • Switch your McAfee ePO server to the new hardware with a new name and IP address.
  1. Boost up the performance

 McAfee ePO 5.3 comes up with the 64-bit support, more server memory space, provides more support to sessions, and boost up the performance in on-demand environments. Moreover, more administrators can use the ePO services, simultaneously that result in a faster way to report and more access to the service overall.

  1. Alliance with the advanced threat protection technology

The zero-day attack has now become the more concern for the cybersecurity company and to fight with it, McAfee has come up with McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) which plays a pivotal role in fighting with the upcoming online threats as well as anonymous threats.

TIE not only fights but allows the threat information to get spread over your other security products. It works along with McAfee ePO for organizing the management, alerting, and reporting.

 If you wish to re-activate your re-install McAfee ePO on your system then you need to visit McAfee.com/Activate

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