How do I Stop McAfee’s VirusScan Email Scamming?

McAfee activate software renders plenty of security features to block any kind of online threats or ransomware. Since people are becoming an easy target of email scamming, crime is increasing rapidly. Thankfully, active users do not come under the statistics of people jeopardizing their personal data.


To fail the technique of email scamming, you must enable activate email scanning feature. Although the program helps to block malicious emails, it also blocks unsuspected emails.  If this happens with you, opt to disable this feature. But make sure you have an active account on activate along with the valid subscription.

However, if you McAfee activate subscription is expired, the service of email scanning will automatically be discontinued. On the other hand, if you have an active version of -activate the software, such as McAfee total protection, you can enable or disable the email-scanning feature.

To turn this feature off, follow the steps below.

How do I disable McAfee Email Scanning Service?

  1. Make sure you have logged in to your McAfee my account associated with mcafee com activate
  2. Take your cursor to the icon and click Right on it
  3. From the options, select Change settings
  4. Select Real-time scanning option
  5. Below the attachments & locations, unmark Email attachments, this will disable the email scanning feature
  6. Press Apply to keep the changes

You have successfully disabled the email-scanning feature. To make sure, if the settings are working properly or not, try sending a test email message. In case you see the email scanning process going on, the changes are not applied. The process to re-enable the email-scamming service is as easy as this one. You can either perform a manual process or get an expert’s help.

Go to page and click McAfee icon and then go its official support page. From here, you can search for a relevant solution.  Alternatively, you can connect with a certified tech team.

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