How to Prevent Data Breaches with McAfee?

The virus-prone digital world brings us data breach news on everyday basis. Such breaches leave the victim with no choice than paying their hard-earned money as ransom to the threat actor. And, finding an expert to recover the data doesn’t fit in everyone’s pocket. The only budget-friendly solution computer users are left with is to adopt security measures, and surf the web carefully.


Before that, a user should also understand how and when the cyber crooks can trap them. Just read out the information provided below to have an idea of the same:

  • Through a public Wi-Fi network you connect at the airports, restaurants, and other places
  • Through the emails that contain suspicious links
  • Via the lucrative advertisements that make you enter your confidential data to get any product/service at a discounted price
  • Through the URLs that asks you download a file or software to access a particular service


Preventive measures to avoid becoming the next data breach headline

  1. Get your device a suitable McAfee antivirus

Figure out your security needs and then buy a right plan from a plenty of McAfee anti-viruses, which can be downloaded via The globally known cybersecurity brand renders endpoint protection to the devices (Windows and Mac), internet networks, and mobile devices. These anti-viruses monitor your online activities, scans every file you attempt to download from the internet and take an immediate action upon detection of a virus or harmful threat.

  1. Share your data carefully

Yes, you read that right! Pay attention when you share your data with the known or unknown sources. This should strictly be implemented especially when you are using a public WiFi or mobile network.

  1. Pay attention to the security of your data

Don’t share your data on a website that doesn’t include “s” (https) in its URL. Also adopt strict data protection policies to cover your complete digital footprints, incorporating file and cloud servers. In addition, keep yourself up-to-date with the latest threats so that you can choose the McAfee activate security solutions accordingly.

If you want to know more about the specialized McAfee products that can help you prevent data breaches, contact its customer support team.

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