Guide for McAfee Cloud Workload Security Product

McAfee Cloud Workload Security is counted as one among the brilliant products of McAfee. It works undoubtedly much faster, safer, and easy way to secure your personal as well as private cloud workloads.

The product of McAfee has the ability to automatically find out and fight for the elastic workloads and the containers that will remove the blind spots, easy to handle the multi-cloud management and provide the advanced threat defenses.

The introduction of this McAfee activate product has talked about the security challenges as the cloud product (both private and public) needs new outlooks and tools for the protection. The Companies look for certain central visibility of cloud workloads that are totally protected from getting exploited, data breaches, and from the risk of mishandling.

The corporate world revolves around the data and for the safety of the workloads, they have moved towards the cloud. McAfee gives you an inimitable protection which makes it likely for a particular automatic policy to protect your workloads, as they get transferred from their virtual public, private, and hybrid environments. It allows operational brilliance for the cybersecurity teams.

Using McAfee Cloud Workload Security has certain advantages as it locates and observes the docker containers and protects them with the micro-segmentation.  It provides a multi-layer protection from the malware and the intrusion with an ease as well as to the virtual machine-optimized threat protection.

McAfee product locates the network threat agent easily without installing any agent. It automatically combines the tools like Chef and Puppet security on the public and private cloud workloads, on the time of deployment. It has a centralized management and the automatic workflows that will reduce the complication of the hybrid and the multi-cloud environments.

Here in this article look for the McAfee Cloud Workload Security (to activate, you need to visit and its out-of-box features.

Some of the out-of-box features of McAfee Cloud Workload Security-

  1. Security group management

This feature will enable you to look at the security group information of your virtual occurrences over your cloud accounts. You can watch how many occurrences are linked with the firewall or with the network security.

You can handle this firewall (Security groups) by adding, editing, or deleting the rules. You can also remove a firewall for a certain time.

  1. Network visualization and the exceptional detection

The McAfee Cloud Workload Security enables your cloud configuration and the flags systems which are at high risk. You can take instant measures and can secure your belongings.

  1. Provides support for Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

With McAfee ePO, you can locate, handle, and secure the MS-Azure Resource Manager’s virtual infrastructure.

  1. Track your cloud usages

This feature of McAfee Cloud Workload Security enables you to track the usages of Amazon Web Services and MS-Azure that are running the cloud virtual machine (VM) with the metering feature. The usages of VM gets counted on the monthly basis with the sum of CPU hours, the account uses.



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