How to make online video gaming safer for your kids?

According to a survey by the world-renowned cyber security firm, McAfee, kids are utilizing approximately four hours a day for playing the video games online. The number of hours may vary from country to country, but the fact is that kids are getting addicted to online games accessible to them via smartphones, laptops, desktops, or gaming consoles.


However, gaming is not bad at all provided you are monitoring which game they are playing and what platform they are using for the same. According to the recent research, one in five parents never checked out what their children are doing online, and 32% of them never paid attention to the ratings of the game their children are playing.

Another report says that 86% of the parents allow their children to play the games that have been recommended only for the older children.

To ensure the online protection of your children, take the following measures:

Monitor your children’s online activities

Make online safety a part of your children’s normal behavior. Don’t impose the instructions; instead, start with telling them not to open the messages from strangers and not to accept the friend requests of the people they don’t know.

Make them aware of the malicious links

Social media and other entertainment activities fascinate children of all ages. But, those in their early ages get attracted by them in minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to make your children understand that what links they should never click to avoid becoming a victim of the phishing scams. You can also download McAfee activate antivirus that immediately sends an alert upon finding a web page or URL infected.

Limit the time they use the internet

Keep the control on how long your children can use the internet for playing games and other entertainment activities. Don’t let them become an internet addict, instead, encourage them to read books for knowledge.

Pay attention to the protection of your device and data on it

To make this happen, get McAfee Family Protection from that comes up with several parental control features. With this, you can ensure the protection of your device and the digital world.

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