How does McAfee on-demand scanning works

McAfee on-demand scanner looks for the systems files, folders, memory, registry, and any other malware that can affect the system. It’s upto you to decide when you want the on-demand scan to occur. For the manual ways to scan your system, you need to fix the scheduled time when you wanted it to start with the scanning process like when your system boots.

McAfee on-demand scanning

So whenever there is an attempt to open, close, or rename a file, the scanner interrupts the operation and takes certain actions. Check out the steps as listed below to follow the same-

  1. McAfee activate on-demand scanner regulates if the file, folder, or disk should be scanned or not and on what criteria:
  • The file’s extension matches the configuration.
  • The file hasn’t been cached.
  • The file hasn’t been excluded.
  • The file hasn’t been scanned, previously.

Note- If you configure Artemis then the scanner uses up the heuristics to check on the suspicious files.

  1. If the file, folder, or disk meets with the McAfee scanning criteria then it will scan by comparing the information in the file with the known virus signatures in the currently loaded DAT files.
  • If it is clean that means the result is cached and the very next item is checked.
  • If it contains threat then the configured action is taken like-
  • If it needs to be cleaned then the process is determined by the currently loaded DAT files.
  • If any scanner is configured to the scanning, the results are recorded in the activity log.
  • In the scanning progress report, the information has described the memory, file, folder, or disk name. The actions are also gets displayed.

Note- To activate any McAfee products, you need to visit link

  1. If the memory, file, folder, or disk doesn’t meet with the scanning requirements then it isn’t scanned and the scanning continues until the data gets scanned, properly.


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