McAfee Reports for Hiked Crypto-Mining Malware Attacks In 2018

Technology has a great impact on our daily lives; people are using latest gadgets for every task. However, some malicious people like hackers, cyber crime communities are working continuously to use technology in a wrong manner. They are designing malwares, virus, Trojans and worms to affect the PCs to access their information.

Crypto-Mining Malware Attacks

As the year 2018 is ending, it is important to know the impact of crypto mining or crypto jacking on businesses and individuals. According to the report of McAfee Lab, a massive increase of 4000-percent was observed in crypto-mining malware impact. In another report, (missing comma) over 4 million new threats were diagnosed in third Quarter of 2018. This is quite a big hike from the last year 500,000.

This malware infected the targeted devices in a secret manner and with the help of computing extract crypto-currency. The end result is, users experienced loss of data; identify theft, accounts hack and financial loss. McAfee also highlighted the workings of a MacOS crypto mining malware threat that circulated on mining chat groups.

More about McAfee activate threat report

From the above reports, it is certain, 2018 has faced some of the most severe crypto-jacking malware scams. Hackers are getting innovative and started applying techniques of hiding malware by integrating them with renowned software updates including Adobe and Microsoft. Experts also revealed thousands of Wi-Fi devices are infected with crypto-jacking malware, particularly from Southern America and Asia region.

Furthermore, the report explains of new crypto mining malware ‘threat vectors’, which conspicuously consists of a spike in latest malware aiming the Internet of Things (IoT) devices:

“New malware aiming IoT devices grew 73%, with total malware increasing 203% in the last four quarters. New coin mining malware grew almost 54%, with total malware on the rise of 4,465% in the last four quarters.”

If people use appropriate security software like McAfee activate and report any suspicious activity to concerned department, any hack chances can be avoided. Hopefully, year 2019 will be more secure in comparison to 2018 and less cases of crypto-mining malware will be reported.

Hence, it has become a crucial to install McAfee activate ( on all the devices to protect the data against the breach.

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