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An American multinational named after the founder John McAfee, McAfee is the most widely used Security Software around globe. Various issues the company provides the customers with are Data Protection, Database Security, Email & Web Security, Endpoint Protection, Mobile Security, Network Security, Risk & Compliance, Security-as-a-Service (Security SaaS), Security Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). A wholly owned subsidiary of the very famous Intel Corporation lives by its unflinching motto of helping customers to stay safe.

From PC & Mac – McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security 1-user, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Family Protection to Mobile/Tablet – McAfee Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad, McAfee Family Protection Android Edition as products, to name a few; McAfee offers help with all security issues.

Issues and troubleshooting steps

Today’s technically engrossed lifestyle affects our precious data with Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, malware, etc; thereby breaching PCs, Laptops, Tablets security multifold. To keep the above mentioned devices clean and virus free, simply get McAfee software and install it on your system. It detects quarantines, and blocks viruses and malware to prevent damage and keeps zero-day threats and botnets away.

Few examples of infected PC may be:

  • You may receive the error “Internet Explorer could not display the page” when attempting to access certain websites
  • Your web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) freezes, hangs or is unresponsive
  • Your web browser’s default homepage is changed
  • Access to security related websites is blocked
  • You get redirected to web pages other than the one you intended to go to
  • You receive numerous web-browser popup messages
  • Strange or unexpected toolbars appear at the top of your web browser
  • Your computer runs slower than usual
  • Your computer freezes, hangs or is unresponsive
  • There are new icons on your desktop that you do not recognize
  • Your computer restarts by itself (but not a restart caused by Windows Updates)
  • You see unusual error messages (e.g., messages saying there are missing or corrupt files folders)
  • You are unable to access the Control Panel, Task Manager, Registry Editor or Command Prompt.

For McAfee, you may get issues as listed under:

Updating Error: This error is a result of no communication between McAfee Update Agent and the McAfee Server or when there is no and/or slow internet connection on your system.

White Screen Error: This error is caused due to problems with your Windows operating system. Systems files, as we all know, are interdependent for proper functionality. If any file’s components fail to register and/or is not compatible; you are most likely to face this error. Owing to White Screen Error, McAfee SecurityCenter fails to open; you see a blank white screen or J Script error.

Our skilled and certified professionals swear by to help you secure your PC. The concerned executive will take remote access of your computer, diagnose the issue and fix it right away.