| Download and Install McAfee Activate Here! – McAfee is a leading cybersecurity brand that offers you total protection with a wide selection of security software and anti-virus to protect your device and the internet network from viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, scams, and hacking attacks. To make the most out of the McAfee protection, you need to buy a suitable antivirus from and then install and activate it using a 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee activate product key. This product key is a unique code for every license of McAfee.

How to install McAfee with activation code?

In order to install the McAfee with an activation code, you need to follow these steps such as –

  • Open the URL i.e. in any of the web browsers on your computer system.
  • Enter the valid 25 digit McAfee activation code in the box that pop-up on your computer screen. Click on the “Submit” button after entering the 25 digit McAfee activation code.

Note – If you used your McAfee activation code before activating the McAfee antivirus software on any of the other PC and you have a multi PC subscription then you can directly click on the “Download your software” link so as to download the antivirus software on that computer system. Once the antivirus software gets download on your computer, you can install it on your computer system to remove the virus or malware from your device.

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    Installing the McAfee using the McAfee Activation Code

    To install the McAfee Activate subscription via code you need to follow the instructions –

    • Open the URL i.e. in any of the web browsers on your computer. 
    • Once you open the URL i.e. a page will appear on your screen with the popup box, asking for the activation code.
    • Enter the activation code in the popup box and click on the “Submit” button.
    • Just click on the “Submit” button, McAfee activation page will ask you to login into your McAfee account.
    • Now login to your McAfee account with your email ID and password. If you do not have a McAfee account, create it ASAP by entering all the required information.
    • Download the setup file for the product you just downloaded and also note down the product code or key. This McAfee retail activation product code or the key will be used in between the installation process.
    • Now run the setup file and follow the positive options such as run, continue, and yes so as to install it. 
    • Put the 25 digit McAfee retail activation product code when it is asked to do so. Your McAfee antivirus is now installed on your computer system are you are ready for your first scan in your computer system with your brand new McAfee antivirus software.

    Installing the McAfee without using the McAfee Activation Code

    You do not need to have a McAfee activation code. When you choose to install the McAfee activation free or trial version on your computer system which remains active for 30 days. To download and install your McAfee activate 30 days free trial version on your computer system you need to follow these steps such as –

    • Open the URL i.e. in any of the web browser on your computer system.
    • Now choose your McAfee activate product key and click on the download button to download the 30 days trial version on your computer system.
    • Login to activation page so as to download the free 30 days trial version..

    Follow the on-screen instruction, so as to download it.

    McAfee Activate – Product Portfolio

    McAfee understand the diverse security needs of the individuals as well as business therefore its product portfolio comprises of the following antiviruses on your computer system such as –

    • Complete McAfee Total Protection
    • Best McAfee LiveSafe
    • McAfee Mobile Security for Android, iPhone, and iPad device
    • The McAfee Virus Removal Service
    • The McAfee Small Business Security

    So, choose your antivirus product wisely and effectively. So as to enjoy the complete antivirus protection against all kinds of online threats and phishing scams that spawn in your computer system.

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    Common McAfee Activate Errors and their solutions

    Sign In/Sign Up

    Such an error involve the forgetting of the password of your McAfee account accessible via or trying to register with the already used email ID for a new sign up. In order to get rid of this error, you need to verify the following things such as –

    • Username and password that you have entered for the login are accurate.
    • Details entered for the McAfee activate sign up are correct.
    • Email ID entered for receiving the password reset link for McAfee account is correct.

    If the problem still persist, then you need to go to the activate page and have to check out for the help from the customer support section so as to resolve the issue.

    Subscription Renewal and Billing

    In order to provide a continuous protection to your device, it is highly recommended to renew the antivirus subscription before it get expired. While doing so, you might experience several issues that can be fixed merely by validating these key points such as –

    • Make sure that the payment details that you have entered for the subscription renewal are correct
    • Verify that the credit/debit card registered for the auto-renewal is still active and has a sufficient balance to initiate the renewal transaction of the McAfee activation. Make sure that you follow the right procedure for making the payment transaction